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in love with typography by living2prove in love with typography by living2prove
So I have finally decided to go for it in Photoshop. Got a tutorial (see [link] ) and used it as a basis for this little project. This is my first "render" in Photoshop and I am really proud of it. At the same time, an "hommage" to my favorite subject, typography!

I realize now I should have written "type" for the English speaking world, but I was thinking in German at the time. In our graphic design class, when we say typo = typography.


I hope you guys like it and I am looking forward to comments and critiques, hints, etc.
golem1 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Very nicely done!

We've discussed typography before, a little, but I didn't realize it was that important to you.

I love it too, though I wouldn't call it my favorite subject. I once spent quite a lot of time teaching myself to do italic calligraphy by hand. I'll never do it professionally, but I still enjoy using the skill now and then.

The 3D effect is convincing. That's not easy to do, if the software doesn't take care of it for you. I'll have to read the tutorial you link to, to learn how much Photoshop does help. I like the textures, they suggest the letters are made of stone, complementing the feeling of weight given by the blocky font.

If I had been doing the same project, I might have made a more cliche' choice of colors, doing the word "love" in pink or red. But the conventional connotations of colors vary from one culture to another, so who knows...

I look forward to more works along these lines from you...
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October 11, 2009
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